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Bryan Lee Castleman (1975-present)

Bryan Lee Castleman (1975-present) is the father of Living Castleman (2010-present)

Gregory James Castleman (1950-present)

Gregory James Castleman (1950-present) was the father of Bryan Lee Castleman (1975-present)

Fred Glenn Castleman (1927-1963)

Fred Glenn Castleman (1927-1963) was the father of Gregory James Castleman (1950-present)

Frederick Berlin Castleman (1882-1954)

Frederick Berlin Castleman and his first wife Lottie C. Stites

Frederick Berlin Castleman (1882-1954) was the father of Fred Glenn Castleman (1927-1963)

Osborne David Castleman (1826-1903)

Osborne David Castleman (1826-1903)

Osborne David Castleman
 (1826-1902) was the father of Frederick Berlin Castleman (1882-1954)

O.D. Castleman's Findagrave.com Memorial

Osborne David Castleman married Trithena Groves on March 12, 1858 in Dent County, Missouri.

They raised 17 children:

  1. Susan Frances Castleman Whitten
  2. Margaret Lucinda Castleman Treat
  3. John Alfred Castleman
  4. Joseph R Castleman
  5. Missouri Elizabeth Castleman Register
  6. Martha Jane Castleman Green
  7. Virginia Roumania Castleman Treat
  8. James David Castleman
  9. Charles Fremont Castleman
  10. Laura Louisa Castleman Heflin
  11. George Washington Castleman
  12. Mary Florence Castleman
  13. William Franklin Castleman
  14. Robert Lee Castleman
  15. Frederick Berlin Castleman
  16. Justina Josephine Castleman Hankins
  17. Eva Katherine Castleman Pope

Please see the findagrave.com memorial link page where many of O.D. Castleman's descendant's memorials are linked.

Alfred Castleman (1795-1880)

Alfred Castleman (1795-1880) was the father of Osborne David Castleman (1826-1903)

Alfred Castleman married Margaret Lucinder Milton on September 29, 1825 in Frederick, Virginia. 

Alfred and Margaret had 9 children.
  1. Osborne David Castleman
  2. Nathaniel Green Castleman
  3. William Alfred Castleman
  4. Mann R Page Castleman
  5. Mary Elizabeth Castleman Fletcher
  6. Edward Prebble Castleman
  7. Portia Roumania Castleman Dorsey
  8. John Randolph Castleman
  9. Charles Fremont Castleman

Alfred died on April 22, 1880 of an aneurism in Battletown, Clarke, Virginia. He lived to be 84 years old.

At the age of 19, Alfred Castleman served in the War of 1812 in Captain Taylor's Regiment. He was a surveyor and a farmer and grew up living at the Runnymeade Farm in Berryville, Virginia. 
Alfred married his wife Margaret Lucinder Milton on September 29, 1825.

Many of his sons served in the military. His son Nathaniel G. Castleman served in the Spanish-American War in 1846. William Alfred Castleman died at the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, Maryland, during the Civil War. Edward also died during the war when he was thrown from a horse. Edward served underneath "Stonewall Jackson" and fought in the First Battle of Bull Run. He later deserted and joined another company.

Mann R Page Castleman and John Randolph Castleman also served during the Civil War but fortunately survived. John Randolph served underneath Mosby in the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Calvary.

John Randolph Castleman is number 75

William Castleman Sr. (1762-1832)

William Castleman Sr. (1762-1832) was the father of Alfred Castleman (1795-1880)

William Castleman Sr. (son of Johannes David Castleman and Margaret Johnson) was born November 27, 1762 in Frederick County (now Clarke Co.), Virginia, and died March 07, 1832 in Runnymede, Frederick, Virginia. He married (1) Massey Osborn on January 01, 1784 in Runnymede, Frederick, Virginia, daughter of Nicholas Osborn and Mollie Massey. He married (2) Juliet Beatty on April 03, 1824.

Burial: Unknown, Runnymede, Frederick, Virginia.

William was a Captain in the Virginia Militia and served in the Virginia Assembly 1801/1802 & 1808/18111. His son William Castleman Jr. served from 1828-1831. He was a Justice of the Frederick County Court 1804/1808. He Purchased Runnymede in Frederick Co., VA2, in 1784.
William was a farmer, who grew tobacco. According to census records he was a slave owner.

Children of William Castleman Sr. and Massey Osborn are:

  1. Alfred Castleman, b. December 22, 1795, Runnymede, Frederick, Virginia, d. 1880, Runnymede Farm, Frederick, Virginia.
  2. William Castleman Jr., b. March 11, 1787, Runnymede Farm, Frederick, Virginia, d. April 03, 1842.
  3. Margaret Castleman, b. November 05, 1790, d. October 31, 1824.
  4. David Castleman, b. October 17, 1793, Virginia, d. November 25, 1814.

1. Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
2. Frederick Co., VA is now Hampshire Co., WV

Johannes David Castleman Sr. (1734-1826)

Johannes David Castleman Sr. (1734-1826) was the father of William Castleman (1762-1832)

"In the neighborhood of Snicker's Ferry, Virginia, on the 13th inst. DAVID CASTLEMAN aged 92 years, for nearly 70 of which he resided in the county of Frederick. He raised a numerous and respectable family of children, and his descendants, consisting of children, grand children, great grand children, and one great great grand child, it is estimated amount to two hundred and forty persons."

Death Notice 'Daily National Intelligencer, (Washington, DC) February 27, 1826; Issue 4087; col E ) 

source of photograph: Annals of Clark County, Virginia vol IV

The Last Will and Testament of David Castleman Sr.

Andreas Ludwig Casselman (1698-1789)

Andreas Ludwig Casselman (1698-1789) was the father of Johannes David Castleman (1734-1826) Andreas Ludwig Casselman (son of Johannes Dietrich Casselman and Anna Elizabetha Rinderin) was born November 06, 1698 in Adelshofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, and died Abt. 1768 in Albany County, NY. He married Maria Elisabetha Schafer around the year 1719, daughter of Gerhard Schafer and Anna Maria Saueressig.

Andreas Ludwig was aged 10 years when he accompanied his parents to Walworth, England, 27 May 1709, in the second group of Palatine refugees from Holland.

He, his sister, Elizabetha and his parents came to America in 1710 to New York on board the H.M.S. Midfort/Medford.1

He was a member of the Lutheran church in Adelshofen, Germany and Stone Arabia New York Lutheran Church. He was baptized on November 06, 1698, in Adelshofen, Donaukreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. Andreas Ludwig Castleman received Holy Communion on Feb 7, 1714 for the first time at Schoharie, NY, from Pastor Joshua Kocherthal.

Andreas took oath of naturalization  Jan 17,1716 at Albany, NY.

He was a member of the original Patentees of the Stone Arabia, NY Patent(1723). In 1744 the Lutheran and Reformed Churches divided the church property. Ludwick was one of the Patentees mentioned in the deed of the Reformed Church. In 1768 the Lutheran Church lost their deed and in obtaining a new deed, it was mentioned that all of the orginial Patentees were dead.

He was granted land by Lord Fairfax in Hampshire Co., Virginia within days of William Casselman in 1749. In 1753 Andreas, William, and David Castleman were granted lots in Winchester, Frederick co., Virginia by Lord Fairfax. It was through the deeds that the Casselman spelling was anglicized to Castleman.2

In the Stone Arabia, New York, the Lutheran Church’s list of families records that in 1744 Ludwig's family is Johannes, Conrad, John Jacob, Anna, David, Elizabet and Sophia. It is assumed that these children were less than 20 years old. Family tradition says the older sons, William and Lewis had left home. Family tradition also says that Ludwig went to northern Virginia after selling his land in Stone Arabia. It is believed that his sons William, Lewis, John
and David went with him. There is no documentation to prove or disprove the older sons or the move to Virginia.

Colonel Washington rents horse & Wagon June 17, 1754 in Virginia. Records state that Castleman's wagon was to be used and kept near Wills Creek and Redstone by Colonel Washington's Regiment.

On 13 Apr 1757, Lodowick Castleman was paid one pound for horse hire to Pennsylvania, in disbursement of the public money by George Mercer for Account of Col. George Washington. The Regiment also hired horses from both William and Jacob Castleman.3

Andreas Ludwig Castleman was charged with murder 19 November 1757 at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV).

At court held in County of Frederick, Virginia, 19 Nov 1757, Lodowick Castleman of County of Frederick, was committed to gaol in Frederick County, charged with the murder of James Haines, soldier in the Virginia Regiment. James Haines was aged 22 years, 5'4" tall, of Virginia, a tailor by trade, enlisted in Capt. Henry Harrison's Co., May 1757; d. Nov 10.

The Court decided that Lodowick Castleman should be tryed for murder at Williamsburgh.
He was to be removed to the publick gaol at Williamsburgh according to the law. (NOTE: All public records at Williamsburgh were burned by the British in War of 1812, so these records are not extant. Lodowick must have been exonerated as he sold land in 1761 in Virginia and moved to Pennsylvania that year, according to deeds).

Andreas Ludwig married his second wife, Mary Bush Wallace Hancock prior 10 June 1761; (d. aged 108 years, a widow). 1790 Census Bedford Co.,PA, Mary Castleman was living alone. Mary Bush first married a Mr. Wallace, by whom she had four children. He was killed by the Indians. She then married Joseph Hancock, who was, also, killed by the Indians. They had one son - Joseph Hancock, Jr., b. 21 July 1758.  Finally, Andreas Ludwick "Lewis" was Mary Bush's (3rd) husband.

Ludwig now called “Lewis” Castleman of Bedford Twp., PA, wrote his will 30 Jan 1789, making his mark, witnessed by Michael Smythe, James Taylor and John Chrisman. He willed his 400 acres land, horses and all other animals and all other property movable or unmovable to his second wife Mary. This will was probated in Bedford Co. Court, PA, 5 Sept 1789. Children of Andreas Ludwig Kasselman and Maria Elisabetha Schafer are:

  1. Johannes William Castleman, b. 1720, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York, d. 1808, Washington County, Pennsylvania
  2. Lewis Castleman, b. 1722, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York, d. 1828, Woodford, Kentucky.
  3. Johannes Conrad Casselman, b. 1728, Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York, d. 1744 Hardin, New York, United States
  4. Johann Jacob Castleman, b. 1730, Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York, d. August 21, 1803, La Vergne, Rutherford County, Tennessee.
  5. Anna Castleman, b. 1732, Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York, d. date unknown.
  6. Johannes David Castleman Sr., b. 1734, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York, d. February 13, 1826, Berryville, Frederick, Virginia.
  7. Elisabet Castleman, b. 1736, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York, d. date unknown.
  8. Sophia Castleman, b. 1736, Schoharie, Schoharie, New York, d. 1744
  9. Johannes Dietrich Casselman, b. 1744, Schoharie, Schoharie, New York, d. date Oct 3. 1808 Onondaga, New York, USA

* There are 9 or 10 known children, others are possible.#
Footnotes 1.
Andreas is listed in the 1710 New York State Immigration List #6301-564 2. Letter, See Land Grants 1749/1753 3. The papers of George Washington, W.W. Abbot, Hampshire Co., VA and Bedford Co. PA Deed books

Johannes "Hans" Dietrich Casselman (1662-1744)

Johannes Dietrich Casselman (1662-1744) was the father of Andreas Ludwig Casselman (1698-1768) Johannes Dietrich Casselman (son of Johann Casselman and Anna Unknown) was born November 13, 1662 (or 1661) in Adelshofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, and died 1744 in Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., New York. He married Anna Elizabetha Rinderin on November 15, 1687 in Adelshofen,Heidelberg,Baden, Germany, daughter of Johannes Peter Rinderin and Unknown.

He, his wife, and children Andreas Ludwich and Elizabetha came to America in 1710 to New York on board the H.M.S. Midfort/Medford (the 2nd wave of Palatines who had taken refuge in England, at the expense of Queen Anne.) She paid expenses also to America.

He was a member of the Lutheran Church in Adelshofen, Germany and Lutheran Church in Stone Arabia, New York, and also West Camp, New York. Johannes D. Casselman was a member of the Palatines1 in Walworth, England.

Hans' family is listed in the Adelshofen Germany Lutheran Church. They had a child in 1708 and apparently went to England in 1709 because they are listed in the group of Palatines in Walworth England2. The sons were Andreas Ludwig and Johann Dietrich and the daughters were Anna Elizabetha, Elisa Greta, and Anna. In 1710, the family living in West Camp, NY3: These are Hans Dietrich, Andreas Ludwig, Anna the wife, and Anna Elizabetha. It is believed that Elisa Greta and Anna died on board ship during the trip to NY. In 1713, Hans and his wife Anna were living in Stuttgart (Weiserdrof), now the Schoharie, New York4 area with two children, Johann Deitrich and John Wilhelm.

Hans was one of the original Patentees of the Stone Arabia Patent in the Mohawk Valley in New York. The family was brought to New York as indentured workers to make tar for the British Navy. Due to mismanagement the tar project was not successful and rations were stopped. In the middle of the winter 1712, the Palatines left for Schoharie Valley, NY. After building several villages and cultivating their farms, it became clear that there was a problem with the land titles. A period of riots, running the High Sheriff out of town on a rail and general disorders followed. As a compensation the Palatines were offered land in the Stone Arabia area. Some took the land offer, Hans Dietrich was one, some went to Pennsylvania and some made arrangements to stay on the land in Schoharie, Christian was one.5

Children of Johannes Dietrich Casselman and Anna Elizabetha Rinderin are:

  1. Andreas Ludwig Kasselman, b. November 06, 1698, Adelshofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, d.
  2. Anna Barbara Casselman, b. October 20, 1688, Eppingen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, d. Oct. 1710 Eppingen, Baden Wurttemberg
  3. Anna Elizabetha Casselman, b. June 19, 1690, Eppingen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, d. 1744, West Camp, Ulster, New York, United States
  4. Elisabetha Greta Casselman, b. April 07, 1696, Eppingen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, d. 1710 Medford, Piscataquis, Maine, United States
  5. Anna Margaretha Casselman, b. August 19, 1702, d. August 1702, Adelshofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.
  6. Anna Casselman, b. November 1708, d. Bet. 1709 - 1710, Mid Atlantic.
  7. Johann Dietrich Casselman, b. July 23, 1706, Adelshofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, d. Bet. 1709 - 1710, Mid Atlantic.
  8. Johanns Wilhelm Casselman, b. July 19, 1711, West Camp (Rhineback), Albany Co., New York, d. 1760 West Camp, Ulster, New York, United States

Footnotes 1. "The German Palatines were natives of the Electoral Palatinate region of Germany, although a few had come to Germany from Switzerland, the Alsace, and probably other parts of Europe. Towards the end of the 17th century and into the 18th, the wealthy region was repeatedly invaded by French troops, which resulted in continuous military requisitions, widespread devastation and famine. The "Poor Palatines" were some 13,000 Germans who came to England between May and November 1709. Their arrival in England, and the inability of the British Government to integrate them, caused a highly politicized debate over the merits of immigration. The English tried to settle them in England, Ireland, and the Colonies. The English transported nearly 3,000 in ten ships to New York in 1710. Many of them first were assigned to work camps along the Hudson River to work off their passage. Close to 850 families settled in the Hudson River Valley, primarily in what are now Germantown and Saugerties, New York. In 1723 100 heads of families from the work camps were the first Europeans to acquire land west of Little Falls, New York, in present-day Herkimer County on both the north and south sides along the Mohawk River. Later additional Palatine Germans settled along the Mohawk River for several miles, founding towns such as Palatine Bridge, and in the Schoharie Valley." 2. Board of Trade, Miscellaneous. Vol 2 D.64: compiled 27 May 1709 by Mr. Tribbeko and Mr. Rupert, German Ministers "Casselman, John 49, wife, sons 10, 3, daughters 19, 13, 1/2, Lutherans" 3. the ration lists of Gov. Hunter [Kasselman, Deitrich 1 1 0 2 0 0 4. (1 man, 1 lad 9-15, 2 women, 4 people total.) 4. The Simindinger List, published in Germany, 1717 but, was taken 1713 5.Casselman Family Text” 1985

Johann Casselman (1615-1680)

Johann Casselman (1615-1680) was the father of Johannes Dietrich Casselman (1662-1744)
Johann Casselman was born in the year 1615, at Wuertt, Donaukreis, Germany, he died on April 27, 1680. Johannes married a woman by the name of Anna in 1634. Anna was born in 1615 in Adelshofen, Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Johann and his wife Anna had nine children including Johannes Dietrich Casselman.1


1. Casselman Ancestral Society: Introduction to the Casselmann Family History - Part II

Hans Casselman (born ?- died?)

Hans Casselman  (born ?- died?), father of Johann Casselman (1615-1680)

Patrilineal Descent. My father's fathers.

Patrilineal Descent 

Hans Casselman (born ?- died?)
was the father of 
Johann Casselman (1615-1680)
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William Castleman (1762-1832)
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Alfred Castleman (1795-1880)
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Greg Castleman (1950-present)
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(myself) Bryan Lee Castleman (1975-present)
(daughter) Living (Castleman) (1977-present)
(son) Living Castleman (1982-present)