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The Last will and testament of David Castleman Sr. of Frederick County, Virginia

The Last will and testament of David Castleman Sr. of Frederick County, Virginia, made the nineteenth day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two. I give and devise to eight of my children, William, John, Mary Odel, James, Benjamin, David, Thomas and Elizabeth Shively and also a half share to my grandson James Castleman all my estate real, person, miscel, whatever and wherever to them their heirs, executors, administrators and a assignee after paying all my just debts and legacys hereafter named.

In the first place it is my will and desire that Elizabeth Shively shall have the tract of land which I purchased of Machem Repass where on her and my son in law Jacob Shively now lives at twenty dollars per acre to be paid for in three equal annual payments; the first payment to be made twelve months after my death and so in each and every year until the whole is paid to my executors hereinafter named. But should she not except of the land aforesaid at the price & terms aforesaid within one month after my executors qualifies to this my last will, then it is my desire that my executors do sell the aforesaid tract of land together with all the other of my estate real, personal & mixed whatever and wherever at their discretion for the best price and upon such terms as may appear to them most beneficial to my children named as aforesaid & it is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and twelve hundred dollars to Elizabeth Shively for and in consideration of her attention & services to me provided she not except of the land aforesaid. Then she is to have this sum together with an equal share with my children as aforesaid.

I do further give and devise to Elizabeth Shively all my household & kitchen furniture of every kind. It is my will and desire that the money which my two sons John and Thomas owes me shall be collected of them in three equal annual payments with interest thereon in one, two and three years after my death and lastly, I do nominate and appoint my sons William Castleman & David Castleman & my friend Charles McCormick sole executors of my last will.

Witness my hand & seal this 19th day of December, 1822.

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Alfred Castleman's receipt from Berryville Turnpike Road 1857

Alfred Castleman requests a pardon August 28, 1865

To His Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States

I Alfred Castleman aged 69 years, a farmer by occupation and a resident of Clarke County Virginia, most respectfully represent that I desire to obtain a pardon and frankly state all the facts in relation to my position. I have held no office under the Confederate or state government since the commencement of the rebellion and have never been in the Army. I had two sons in the United States Army one of whom was killed, and two in the Confederate Army. After the battle near Snicker's Ferry or Castleman's Ferry as it is sometimes called, in July last, there was a Hospital for U. S. wounded soldiers, established in my neighborhood and I waited upon them and furnished proper love for them. It is due to truth and cander, to state that I was a Southern man, and my emphathies were with my native state, and alltho I took no part in the war, I desired that the Confederates should succeed, and I who for the Ordinance of Secession. I have remained quietly at my farm attending to my own affairs, and have not taken a prominent part in the unhappy strife. I have taken the Amnesty with, which accompanies this ?????? and I intend in good faith to observe it, and hope to lead a quiet law abiding life for the remainder of my days. My taxable property is estimated at more than 
twenty thousand dollar, but I am with considerably less than at the commencement of the rebellion. I do not know that I have done or said any thing which should justly subject me to punishment of my property to confiscation, but friends in whose opinion I have confidence have ?????? me that it is best for me to ask for a pardon, and as I wish not to be disturbed in my old age. I most earnestly and respectfully ask that you will grant me a pardon. ??? ???? Your ?? servant Alfred Castleman August 26, 1865 Clarke County to int J M Pulliam a Justice of the Law in and for this country aforesaid in the state of Virginia, do ?????? certify that Alfred Castleman whose name is signed to the ?????? Letter for a pardon, made with ???? me in my county aforesaid, that the facts stated in said ?????? are true to the best of his knowledge and belief.

Given under my hand this 28 day of August 18 1865 M Pulliam JP 

We the undersigned residents of Clarke County Virginia, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Alfred Castleman who has signed the ????? ????? for a pardon, that he is a gentleman of veracity, whose statements may be relied upon and we believe that the facts stated in the ????? are true. Given under our hands this 28th day of August 1865 ?.P. Pendlet??? Wm McGuire ????? Shepherd Gallahan, Jefferson Co. M Pulliam ?????

If my pardon shall be granted, please endorse it to me at Winchester Virginia to the care of P. Williams, as there is no post office at Berryville in Clarke County near to which I reside.

A. Castleman
( I tried my best to transcribe the handwriting. This letter is found on 3 separate images that were gathered from )

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Castleman's in the Proceedings of the Clarke County Historical Association

Proceedings of the Clarke County Historical Assocation (28 Volumes)

Vol. I

James Castleman, 19
William Castleman, 19
Massey Castleman, 19
Emeline Massey Castleman, 19
Major David Castleman, 19
Margaret Ann Castleman, 19
Castlemans, 37

Vol. II
Fenton Castleman, 12

Vol. V
Thomas Castleman, 14

Charles McCormick Castleman, 53
Dr. David James Castleman, 54
Henry W. Castleman, 54
James Castleman, 54
Thomas Castleman, 45

Vol. XI
Charles W. Castleman, 111
Thomas Castleman, 44,45,110,111
William Castleman, 9

James Castleman, 20

Vol. XIX
C.D. Castleman, 23
W. Castleman, 23

Vol. XX
Frank Castleman, 43
William Castleman, 28

Charles Castleman, 54
David Castleman, 23
George Castleman, 61
Henry Castleman, 54
Jacob Castleman, 2
John Castleman, 31
Juliet (Abbot) Castleman, 37
Massie Osborn (Ferguson), 54
Sarah Castleman, 62
Wm. Castleman 37, 54

Vol. XXV
Fremont Castleman, 38
Henry Castleman, 38
John Castleman, 38
John R. Castleman, 38
Mary E. Castleman, 165
William Castleman Jr., 28,29
William Castleman Sr., 28

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Here is a brief timeline of events of my direct Castleman ancestors. It is kept brief in order to show the travel from one location to the next.
  • 1634 Johann Casselman marries Anna at the Lutheran Church in Adelshofen, Germany.
  • 1709 In winter Hans Dietrich Casselman and family emigrate to America.
  • 1713 The first Palatines arrived in the Mohawk Valley in January.
  • 1729 First log church of the Palatines in Stone Arabia is built.
  • 1749 Andreas Ludwich Casselman receive two land grants totalling 700 acres. in Wappacomo or the Great South Branch of Potomac in Frederick County,Virginia from Lord Fairfax.
  • 1750 brothers David, Jacob, and Lewis came to Virginia from Albany County, NY. 
  • 1761 Andreas Ludwich Castleman cleared & improved a 300 acre plantation on Dunnings Creek about 4 miles from the Town of Bedford in Cumberland County, PA.
  • 1762 David purchased Head Spring Farm at Summit Point. 
  • 1765 David sells Head Spring Farm and puchases Glen Owen Farm 3 miles east of Berryville, VA.
  • The original Log church in Stone Arabia, NY is burned by the Tories and Indians on Oct. 19, 1780.
  • 1795 Alfred Castleman is born in Runnymede,Virginia.
  • 1801-02 son William serves in the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • 1808-1811 William serves in the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • 1811 David sells Glen Owen farm and purchases Rose Hill 
  • 1824 David conveys 1 acre of property at Rose Hill to Wickliffe Academy. 
  • 1826 David dies at the age of 92, leaving behind an estimated 240 descendants including 1 great great grand child. 
  • 1826 Osborne David Castleman is born in Runnymede, VA. 
  • 1832 William dies in Runnymede, Frederick County, VA.
  • Over a disagreement about slavery Osborne David moves away from his father, and heads to Missouri. He obtained a land grant from President Van Buren. 
  • 1858 Osborne David marries Trithena Groves in Dent, Missouri. 
  • 1880 Alfred dies in Battletown, Clarke, Virginia.